Theory in Economics of Information Systems (TEIS)

Based on the mixed survey responses that we received about a possible TEIS Workshop on Sept 2021, we have decided to hold off on this event, and instead arrange TEIS 2022 in San Francisco in the second half of March. The exact dates of the workshop will be announced and communicated via TEIS email soon. The link to The Mark Hopkins Intercontinental Hotel (in Nob Hill, San Francisco, just 15 miles from SFO).

The formal workshop program (presentations) will be available on Jan 2022.

The TEIS workshop is designed to provide a community for researchers who use analytical modeling techniques in the area of economics of information systems. Although a number of workshops and conferences accept research based on analytical models, these tend to be diffused with inadequate time for presentation, discussion and Q&A. TEIS workshop complements such venues by providing a focused and intense environment for interaction among researchers to assist in the development of the field and help advance shared understanding about various aspects of modeling research. TEIS workshops have a single track with one hour per paper so everyone can participate substantively in the discussion.

TEIS Workshop 2022 Co-Chairs: